Wow!! What an amazing piece of theatre. We went to the opening night of Venus in Fur last night. It was written by David Ives, starring Darcy Kent and Tilly Legge. It was intriguing right until the end, and made me realise again today that sometimes the person who withholds information and their motive is the one holding the power. Reticence is definitely a dynamic of power. Still, it lacks a generosity and openness of spirit, which some people find valuable.

It was passionate, romantic, sexy and compelling. Great theatre!

I think Mistress Butterfly is right in her review on Weekend Notes. This play turned misogyny on its head.

It was so interesting. It was rich and sexy and so intriguing. Today, I wondered if maybe Vanda was just part of the imagination of Thomas (the playwright). How could she have known so much about him, and his life? Where did she come from?