What are your top 10 favourite films of all time? One of my favourite collections of cinema was the Three colours trilogy. Julie Delphy was so beautiful in Three Colours White, although I am not sure that she was in the happiest of relationships in that film! Three Colours Blue with Juliette Binoche was also amazing – was it a thriller? I can’t quite recall. Three Colours Red reminds me of one of those Asian masterpieces with lush silks and brocades and beautiful lighting.

Today I have posted a Facebook update on the #10daymoviechallenge with the still from Three Colours Blue. It suits my mood very well today, as I am grieving perhaps the biggest loss of my romantic life so far. I have never loved anyone as much as that person, and yet I can’t have him. Not without blood loss and crime and destitution and all sorts of TERRIBLE things happening. So, I am just going to have to suffer the GRIEF, I guess. It breaks my heart.

Three Colours White – Krzysztof Kieslowski