I rocked up to the Workers Club in Fitzroy at maybe 10:30 pm and saw most of the last support band – Zii. They were great. The room was jam packed, and it shouted from the rooftops when Thando was mentioned.

Thando has been doing many regular, free gigs around Melbourne for some time, and has also just got back off tour, so she has developed quite a following. Enough to sell out The Workers Club Band Room. 😀

Her set started at about 11:30 pm and it was filled with the rich and soulful songs that you would expect from this talented vocalist. Her band included a keyboardist, guitarist, drummer, saxophonist, and two back up vocalists.

Numb was executed beautifully and left the crowd in raptures. She also sang most of the songs off her previous EP – Digital Love Letters, plus some other sexy numbers that rocked the house.

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