The 1950s has come to the Pipeldoot household tonight, hehe. It was weird to see one of my school mates reporting on the national ABC news!
Interesting though to have a television in my house for the first time in at least four years. Miso was encouraging me to get it set up. While others were saying to me ‘I don’t think you need to TRY and watch more television’ hehe, Miso kept the pressure up, even when I couldn’t work out how to make the set-top box work. So, this evening, I Googled, and I troubleshot, and I read, and sure enough, the television is now a feature in my house!

50 years in world history

My first impressions are that it really is quite a happy addition to my world. The first program I watched was a documentary on the ABC about the moon landing. Then I watched the news. It felt a lot to me like the kind of stimulation I get from going to a lecture at uni. It is surprising, in that way. And while I may not have the patience for commercial stations with the ads, it might be nice to delve into ABC and SBS on occasion. The music sounds all that much brighter after an hour of something interesting on the teev, hehe.

Contemporary media arts

It reminded me of interesting podcasts I have listened to recently on Radio National, and how much INTERESTING stuff people are talking about out there – if only I could turn the music off for a few minutes!!
To be honest, I keep the music on while I am watching teev, or listening to a podcast, just for a little while, to feel safe enough to turn it off.

What an interesting world we live in. And how different the world was 50 years ago when we landed on the moon. 1969. It is interesting from the point of media if nothing else, to see how incredibly changed we are 50 years later. It brought the world together, for those moments when three astronauts landed on the moon. How different the world is now!