The challenge is: to ‘Start with a song’. It makes me laugh to read this from Daily Challenge because I ALWAYS start with a song. One of the nicest things about my psychology is that I wake up each (mostly) day with an earworm or a song in my head. The challenge then is to find the playlist, album or single from that artist and then play it as I am waking up.

For example this morning was the song: ‘Hurt Somebody‘ by Noah Kahan and Julia Michaels. In the interests of preservation here is the Spotify version of this song:

It was a tricky one, because when I woke up, I had no idea what the song was. This is one of the downfalls of listening to a lot of playlists. ‘I know the song. It is a good one. . . I have absolutely no idea who sang it!’

In this case, I Googled the lyrics of my earworm. I am not sure exactly what I Googled because I closed the tab but you get the idea. Then the task was to find the playlist that contained the song. Thankfully, Spotify provides a ‘Featuring’ list if you search for the artist, so I found that the playlist was one of my favourites: Confidence Boost:

I am sorry if you don’t have Spotify!! In the interests of accessibility I should post the YouTube video of the song too.

As for a song tomorrow that ‘that makes you feel ready for anything. Or energised’ tomorrow morning, I am not sure. My bandwidth is currently full with an album that needs to play out.

To think of a song that makes me feel ready for ANYTHING? It is daggy, but I do like this song whenever I hear it and it does make me feel kind of like killing it!!

I first heard this song at the gym and it was so fun to lift weights to! Don’t judge me!!! Haha, I can’t hear it right now 🙂

What song would make you feel ready for anything tomorrow? 🙂

Image credit: the band playing live at the Our Place, Our Home Festival as part of Melbourne Festival 2018

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