It was an unexpected delight to be a part of the studio audience for one of the Spicks and Specks reunion specials. My friend invited me to take his spare ticket, and while I can’t believe it now, I accepted because I wanted to be a good friend. The taping was scheduled to go for four hours, and we weren’t allowed to take a drink into the show. I had also heard horror stories about having to lock our bags up in cages, so I was feeling nervous about the whole evening. It turns out the pleasure was all mine.

Four hours literally flew by as we watched Adam Hills, with his new funky beard (which he is planning to grow until the Brexit disaster is over), adjudicated between Myf Warhurst and Alan Brough’s teams. It was amazing to see just how clever they are. They have their minds filled with all sorts of musical trivia, and it makes for a very entertaining show.

My favourite rounds were the ones where each team needed to guess which lyric was created by a computer and which was a genuine lyric from Eurovision, lol. As well as the round where a team member had to draw the name of a song and the rest of the team had to guess.

It was also amazing to see the amazing guests – Kate Miller-Heidke and Vance Joy to sing a tune along to the random lyrics of a ‘poo on a date’ and ‘cat hair crafting’ books. I couldn’t believe that they could hold a tune while being distracted by the words. Even more impressive was the fact that Myf and Alan’s teams were able to guess the songs.

It was a delightfully fun show, which ended with a beautiful performance of Rip Tide by Vance Joy, joined by Kate Miller-Heidke and Alice Ivy. The music was stunning and the lighting and camera work was so beautiful.

The show itself Spicks and Specks ’10s will screen on the ABC next July. It was so amazing to see the production and technical expertise that went into making this show. What an amazing experience!