Do you remember the movie Dirty Dancing? I listened to the soundtrack again a year or so ago. At the time, it reminded me of Turtle. Recently I heard a song from the soundtrack on the local radio station here (2EC).

I really love that radio station, I have to say. I think they do a fantastic job. I always enjoy the music and news when I am driving around in my Dad’s jalopy.

The coast is a beautiful place, and there seems to be more things happening, or maybe I am just noticing more, because I am not so incredibly depressed, and I don’t feel like my presence is completely jarring. I don’t feel like I am in this tiny fishbowl, where I don’t want to see anyone I know.

I have seen some beautiful art, and I have heard about some things to do, culturally, that does look fun. It does seem like a bit culturally sparse though, which I think is why I couldn’t live here, perhaps.