15 minutes to wash the dishes, half a load of dirty washing, spartan bench tops. My first day off in so many weeks was filled with errands and duties, so it was not really a day off at all, until I got into my hand washing, drive to uni and red wine.

Can you believe that it takes me 15 minutes to drive to uni?! All I have to do is cut across to Kew and then down and across a bit. I think it is 6.6 km. It takes 45 minutes to an hour on public transport. I may have to rethink this situation. I do love the train to uni on a Monday afternoon, but all that is history now, and 15 minutes!! (in no traffic). Parking will be an issue.

It would definitely help with the car situation. The battery completely died a couple of weeks ago, because I wasn’t driving it to the supermarket anymore. It needs to be driven, or the battery will go flat, or I could sell it, but there are a few of my make and models for sale online.

It is actually nice to drive. I enjoy it. Obviously trains are always going to be my favourite, they are just so lovely, but driving can be fun too. In Melbourne, not stuck in traffic.

How are you, and what is happening in your world? I am in a rambling kind of talktative mood this evening. Happy hormones.

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