If you want my honest opinion about Salmonella Dub at the Corner Hotel tonight? Mostly, I just f**king hated it, haha. Don’t get me wrong there were some moments when I really got into the groove with this band. Especially in the first set, which was the Salmonella Dub Sound System. It was a lot funkier and a lot less ‘harsh’ than Salmonella Dub live. For the first hour of the show, I was dancing and enjoying myself a lot.

After a while of flashing lights, rock guitars, grating sounds and not much to be said in the way of rhythms, it all started aggravating me. The assault of the senses went on seemingly endlessly, and it felt so incredibly self-indulgent. The lead singer, who was someone new to the band and the same singer as the support or Sound System set, was just getting on my nerves.

It FINALLY ended, and I didn’t want to indulge them in another long, crappy finale song. Thankfully the people I was with were happy to leave, and the lights came up as we were on our way out the door.

I would suggest giving Salmonella Dub a good listen before you go and spend $50 or so dollars on a ticket. Especially their new stuff. Their new stuff is not like their old stuff. And it shows.

Thankfully, aggravation is a very transient feeling and the rest of my evening was superb. I hope they will grow and develop as a band.