There is something about Rufus Du Sol’s latest album Solace that makes me want to explore the Californian desert.

Tyrone Lindqvist has the kind of vocal tone that would tug on even the most resolute of heart strings. Their music combined with the sound of his voice is an exquisite mix of melancholy and uplifting.

Rufus Du Sol changed their name from Rufus in 2014 due to a trademark issue in the US. I think ‘Rufus Du Sol’ has a lot more presence and speaks more about the flavour of their music.

Although the band is living in California (and currently touring the US, Australia, and Europe), they are originally from the beaches of Sydney, Australia.

If you like Flight Facilities, Zhu, Art vs. Science, Marcus Marr, Aluna George, Flume or The Presets, you might also like Rufus Du Sol.