A really nice adventure on a Melbourne night is to explore the city after dark. It is the perfect place to capture some amazing night photography. If you start from the top of town at the State Library and work your way across the city to the network of laneways you will find there are some beautiful, architectural and luminous vistas to be captured.

And since the night is your oyster, there is no good reason not to stop off along the way at a new bar or restaurant you find for a glass of wine or dessert.

If you keep walking, you will eventually find yourself at Flinders Street Station, which is a beautiful subject for night photography. Beyond that is the stunning vistas of the Yarra River, where a tripod can help you to capture the most beautiful of photos.

Exploring the Arts Precinct after dark with a camera is so fun. As far as hobbies go, photography is pretty great. It teaches us to be more observant of surroundings and to really open our eyes to beauty and interest.