It is a beautiful sunshiney Sunday morning and I am feeling so incredibly lucky! Grateful for the fact that my Saturday night was a very adventurous meal in the most amazing vegan restaurant. We went for a stroll afterwards, and had a cup of chai. It was the perfect evening.

None of that would have ever have happened on the coast. It is so kind of one dimensional. I know that some people love that. I have fond memories too. . . of the air quality, of the beautiful beaches. Of the birds and the lovely toy planes. It is a delightful place in the world.

It is just not a Saturday afternoon on Smith Street, drinking beer with a hip hop crew, and jumping on a tram. It is not the street art. It is not the fact that there are so many places to try.

I don’t know who I am trying to convince. Myself probably. I don’t need convincing. I am happy.