As soon as I get home, I want to be out in the world again. I am so ANTSY today!!

I have to sit still and focus. Assignment to do.

Today is a strange day. I am getting so many fleeting impressions of different worlds, particularly the coast. Memories of the 80s there, mixed with impressions of the last stint living there. It is a beautiful set of sensations.

Last night, someone was talking about the fact that she came from the country too, and how there are basically two options in the country – play football or smoke weed. I definitely got caught up in that predicament.

Now, I sit in my favourite cafe listening to two baby boomer women discuss selling their houses for 1.4 or 2.3 (million), they share renovation porn on Instagram and talk about building a guest house for their children who can’t afford to buy a house. It is an interesting contrast.

I actually think that it is worthwhile to love someone, even if it doesn’t go anywhere. I am thinking about this because Maximilien and I walked past an apartment he is thinking of buying last night in the brisk cool air. Today, the words ‘I love you’ came to my mind when I was thinking about a fun thing that he has planned for June. I think that the very act of ‘loving’ is very worthwhile. It builds a connection. It was nice to be there for him last night. He said that he appreciated it. 🙂

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