I did it anyway, hehe. I just felt like walking more than anything and it was so nice to venture out of the usual boundaries of my neighbourhood. There were fun things to see and do!

Then my feet got sore from walking. Haha, I am the queen of whinging today, hehe. I figure it is understandable, because it has just been a HUGE week and I am understandably tired.

I have to get back up onto my pegs to go to Book Club in a few. I think it will be an interesting discussion. We read ‘Fight like a Girl’ by Clementine Ford. I thought it was absolutely brilliant. It opened my eyes to a lot of what goes on in society in terms of gender inequality, and I found it really empowering.

Some of my friends were a bit put off by her tone and some of the controversial things that she has to say. This was probably the majority of my group actually, so it is going to be an interesting discussion, where I will feel like I want to squeak: ‘I’, under the weight of the criticism.

It will be good to drink some beer though. That is the only thing that I can think that will rub off the edges of my slightly teary, tired soul.

Have a nice afternoon. 🙂

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