Libertine and Co on a sunny Saturday

Libertine and Co ploughman’s stack - delicious

Libertine and Co on a sunny Saturday

What are your favourite things to do on a Saturday morning? Top of my list is creative writing and brunch. I should be at the gym, but that is for another story another time. It is essentially my first weekend of holidays and I want to spend it sitting in the sun at Libertine and Co.

I haven’t been spending nearly as much time at this cafe this year. Since my week has been filled with either uni classes or co-working, and since I got my coffee machine, I do not as often take a morning coffee with work at a neighbourhood cafe. My Saturday morning lecture write ups and study has been mostly at another cafe nearby, so it is with great delight that I come back to this cafe for Saturday brunch.

The tea is something else! Libertine and Co have always pushed the bar, but since I have been away, they have found the most INCREDIBLE brew of Earl Grey tea. The bergamot flowers have such a sweetness to them. This might be the best cup of tea I have ever tasted (big call).

They say that their food and coffee is humble. It is a nice sentiment to take into the day. Their menu has a range of simple, but tasty items which walk the line between traditional, such as the ploughman’s plate to modern with the feta and dill smashed avocado.

The ploughman’s stack was so incredibly tasty. Lots of interesting flavours and the homemade pickles were the perfect accompaniment to the cheese flakes and prosciutto. Just yum! The owner even offered to refill my teapot with water. It is one of the best brunch experiences to be had!

I hope whatever you are doing on this lovely Saturday morning, brings you a lot of happiness!

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