Gretta Ray is amazing with a capital G. I admit, I have loved pretty much everything that she has put out so far. From ‘Long Distance’ to ‘Towers’ to ‘Time’, she has spoken the contents of my heart more eloquently than I ever could.

Is it something about the younger generations? They are more emotionally intelligent perhaps. More in touch with what is happening for them.

It really is beautiful. And it was so nice to be at that gig last night, where everyone was singing!!

‘I was noble like a knight, I was lucent like a light
I was taller than a tower when I stayed within your sight
I was taller than a tower in your sights
So now I’m not afraid of heights.’

‘Will I ever understand why you saw me as an angel?
I told the whole damn world you were a saint
Now I wonder, why do I still hold on?
And try to decipher what went wrong
Seems I’m not as wise as you characterised
And I cannot always see straight.’

She is beautiful. What an amazing soul in the world.

Hats off and streamers to the sky for Gretta Ray!

There is something about this music that strengthens life’s experiences. Beautiful.

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