Back to where it all began. 🙂 It was so exciting to come to Melbourne that first long weekend in 2015. I sat in exactly the same bar on a vibrant Friday afternoon and couldn’t believe that I got through the experience without smoking a cigarette! Amazing 🙂

Today, I am celebrating my freedom. Even though I miss what Turtle meant to me, it so lovely to be free. He is not here. I can explore this city inside and out. He is not here. 😀

Tonight I am going to a tea house (favourite), with some people to try purple tea.

I am so impatient today! I think it is because it has been a tough week followed by an energetic day. The layer of excitement sits on top of the memory of sadness and grinds through my chest.

I got it right today though. Happy days.

I hope you are having a happy day 🙂

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