Amazing. The Fringe Wives Club Glittery Clittery – Consensual REBOOT was the most stunning piece of empowering musical comedy I have ever seen. The costumes were amazing (think complete sequinned pantsuits), the music was really fun (catchy cabaret), and the jokes completely hit the mark.

How long is the clitoris? How many nerve endings does it have? Did you know that it is the only part of the body that doesn’t stop growing?

I came away feeling hopeful for the strength of women’s voices and the ability to enjoy and have fun with our own sexuality. It was feisty, it was empowering. It was as though a giant bomb of quivering glitter exploded on the stage.

So sassy. 🙂 Rowena Hutson, Tessa Waters and Victoria Falconer-Pritchard. Brilliant!!

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