Forbidden – a world of the senses

forbidden audio visual immersion

Forbidden – a world of the senses

In an ideal world, I did find, breathing within a warehouse in Abbotsford, an exhibition that explored the rich world of our human senses. I wanted to be made more aware of all the ways that we engage with the world sensually. As it was, it was an audio-visual performance in two parts. And I arrived at the end of the first part, to face half an hour in a laneway in Abbotsford.

I found this out, because funnily enough, on my way into the exhibition, the barista who makes my coffee (tea) was there and gave me the news.

And so, I turned on my heel and walked back to my apartment, to drink boho rose petal tea and write this post.

The adventure to the gallery was a sense and savour walk in itself. Unlike yesterday, my eyes were drinking in every kind of stimulus they could find, and I was swept from one beautiful artwork to another. And so it was a kind of experience of the senses, even if I did not see the artwork.

I am so tired from a full day of copywriting for my work, that I am ready to let the darkness and stillness of the night seep into my world, and rest my soul until tomorrow.

Hopefully Forbidden the world of the senses will play again sometime, somewhere. It is always good to bring awareness to the sensory experience!

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