Is there anything nicer than that first winter glass of red wine? So rich and warming and cosy.

I am happy. I know that I am often quite happy, but this is a different kind of contentment. It comes from having a purpose and direction in my career. Before now, I had my fingers in all kinds of pies, not really achieving much at all. Now that I have decided what to focus on, I spend my time more efficiently. It means that I get so much more done!

There does seem to be a limit of how much I can study and work in one day, and tonight I seem to have reached that limit. It is definitely a good feeling though. I don’t feel stressed out, I don’t feel overstimulated, I don’t feel listless or have any kind of craving. I just feel as though I have worked hard and learnt a lot!

And so, life is good. I realised today that there is no ‘love’ in my life. At least not in a romantic sense. I am not in love. This time last year, I honestly thought that I would never get out from the grip that Turtle, or the person I perceived as Turtle had on me. Now, I am alone in the world. I crave no one and I barely crave any kind of web interaction either. It is surprisingly good fun. It is very nice to see the boundary between my self and the world.

And so winter is poking its head around the corner and I am dreaming of all the beautiful ways that Melbourne lights up in winter. Maybe I will be lucky enough to experience some new and interesting happenings this year!

My heart is so full of gratitude for being alive and healthy and happy in the world. All good wishes and blessings to you too 🙂