My weekend had a lot of ‘space’ in it. This was actually a very nice thing and I got to do a lot of what stirs my soul, but it felt weird, because what I was supposed to be doing was editing an audio interview that is due on Monday (tomorrow).

It is a lot of fun finding someone to interview for a media content piece and to develop questions, find an angle and then go ahead and listen. Harder than you would think though, to pin someone down to spend 10 – 15 minutes to chat about their area of expertise.

I got a great interview with someone interesting on Friday. It was a fantastic interview except for the heart dropping moment when I realised none of it had recorded. THAT, my friends is a mistake I think you only make once.

So, it was back to the drawing board. I quickly regrouped and contacted someone else in the same industry. The interview is scheduled for tomorrow. Then I need to edit and distill.

It is quite a fun task (despite the learning experiences). A Zoom H5 costs about $365, and you would need a microphone to go with it.

People, are, as I suspected, super interesting. Especially if you ask the right questions. I am curious to see how fun it is to condense their ideas into a smaller segment of media.

Bonne chance!!