I think the thing that moved me most about last night’s gig in Windsor as part of the Stonnington Jazz Festival was the fact that Emma, the lead singer of Emma Donovan and the Putbacks is such a rare, but fantastic success story.

She sang these words during one of her songs: ‘Aboriginal woman, here to stay.’ Great! It was just so excellent to see a strong, vocal Aboriginal woman leading a band and completely killing it.

The music was rich and warm, and her stories were both moving and melodic. I am learning lately, that stories are so important in our Indigenous heritage.

After all the crap that we have put them through, it is so nice to see an Indigenous person, particularly a woman, so confidently succeeding in life.

I absolutely loved their set and the amazing music of the Leisure Centre before them. It was a beautiful, sumptuous evening of live music. So good.

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