There was such a sweet scent in the air, on my way home. Jasmine, maybe. 🙂 It is a beautiful night. The nicest part of my night was laughing at the penguins, the lights of the city across the bay, and sitting outside in one of the cafes on Acland Street after everyone had left, drinking a glass of red wine, and contemplating this situation.

I still feel really confused, and my heart is being torn in a number of different directions. Some part of me wants to just go with the flow. I feel like I have so much to tell you. So much to catch up on! But the other part of me wants to nip it in the bud, and avoid the inevitable trauma involved with having feelings for someone who is not in my world.

Sometimes writing can help me to see more clearly what I feel about a situation. I can’t say that I love Turtle, because I don’t know Turtle, but I definitely have feelings for him.

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