If you are asking me, (and I would say that you are, since you are here, aren’t you? Hehe), I would say that it is pretty ‘fucked up’ that the only time I really dance is if someone breaks my heart, and I turn on the tunes. I am completely breathless, and it is a fantastic feeling. It is the best kind of exercise. First was the very fun song ‘Oscar Wilde’ by The Cat Empire, and now I am listening to the top tracks of the Hilltop Hoods. Dancing! It feels good 🙂

Of course, it can be hard to work out what to put on next to keep the vibe alive, so I just kind of succumb to the quiet sadness inside. But I do feel MUCH BETTER FOR DANCING!!

It is always the same old albums that soothe my soul when my heart breaks again. Same wounds, same old argument, same bullshit, same songs.

It will never change, I don’t think. And to be clear – I am absolutely, fucking, completely INSANE! Lol.

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