There is something fun about going for a cruise through my city, on an unusual kind of adventure. I have to get my ignition switch replaced, as there is a recall for this part on my car. They took their time finding the fault! Apparently it is at risk of starting a fire. Inside the car! 😮 Goom gooly gum drops.

It was so nice to cruise through the back streets to Hawthorn. Are people ruder here? In any case, it was a lovely drive. When I was on Power Street, I felt like I do sometimes in my car. I could just keep going and go somewhere! Probably to Elsternwick, hehe.

It is amazing how quickly you can drive through this city. I think the biggest thing is that public transport is so successful here. So many people use it, myself included. So there are less cars on the roads. It is good, mostly!

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