So exciting to see the Richmond Tigers absolutely thrash their opponents today in the AFL Grand Final. They played so well. They beat GWS by 114 to 25, which is surely incredible. It was a good game.

It is a bit bittersweet for me. Even though I have been a tentative Richmond supporter since last year, my support was cemented this year, after finding out that my grandfather barracked for Richmond.

I wanted to support the team he loved, and all said and done, it is one of the last threads of connection to this friendly, kind, interesting man – my grandfather.

Perhaps death is never easy, and in moments like these, I miss him and his affectionate, generous spirit. It is complicated by the fact that I had the opportunity to say goodbye, and due to fear, stupidity, and chaos, did not take it, and so always wish I had a last conversation to remember.

At the time, I thought to myself and wanted to say to him ‘I will see you later.’ Because that is what I truly believed.

Tonight, I wish I had a photo, or a letter, or a social media account, or something to connect with the person that he was. One nice memory is the hand made printed birthday cards that he would make on his computer and send to us.

It catches in my throat because in moments like these, when his beloved team won the Grand Final with such aplomb, I am still grieving.

He would have been so happy today to see Richmond win the Grand Final. Heres cheers to him, the team and the Tiger tribe. 🙂 Go the Tigers!