Today – Double J played a ‘revised’ top 10 from the Hottest 100 of 1998. They were not rewriting history. The top 100 stands. They were just interested to know what we would vote in NOW, in 2019?!

10 songs, one hour, one Wednesday. Too much fun 🙂 We could vote for one song from the top 100 of 1998, and I chose History Repeating by Propellor Heads.

I still love that song. Even more now, when I watch the film clip! My memories of this time were living in Redfern with some peeps who were ‘into’ electronic music. I was transitioning from a kind of ‘rock, indie’ culture to a more electronic culture in my very early 20’s. In 1998, I must have been 22. A baby!

What else happened that year? From the Triple J Hottest 100 of 1998, I had four songs on my shortlist. The next song is the song that I heard on my ‘walkman’? on my ‘iPad’? What was the device I was listening to these tunes as our plane made its descent into my first European adventure. I was travelling to Paris, France, and this is what I heard, as the plane prepared to land.

The next song on my shortlist is something by Paul McDermott. Specifically ‘Throw your Arms Around Me’, which I think was initially a Hunters and Collectors Song. I have been a fan of Paul since his days in the Doug Anthony All Stars (D.A.A.S), when I was just starting high school. It was the start of satire for me, but musical satire. Thankfully the whole DAAS album that I loved so much is still available on Spotify.

The song that Paul McDermott released in 1998 though, was Throw Your Arms Around Me. And here is the YouTube clip:

Beautiful song! It is so nice to hear it again 🙂 Richard Fidler, and Flacko, they were so funny.

The last song on my list is the song that I honestly thought would make it to No. 1 today in the top 10 (revisited of 1998). It is an album that has stood the test of time, I think, and I love this song. I hope you love it too. No Surprises by Radiohead.

So, that is my top four from the top 100. It was fantastic to see Josh Abrahams – Addicted to Bass at number 8, and Beastie Boys – Intergalactic at number 7, apart from that, and apart perhaps from the TISM song at number 4, it was all news to me!

What were you doing in 1998? What was happening in your world? Please let me know!