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A lush and beautiful sanctuary for a soul to play

By | May 25th, 2018|architecture, design, parks and gardens|

My house becomes more and more lovely every week, and I think tomorrow that I will go to a local greenery and get some plants with tendrils to drape over my wooden bookcases. The tendrils are important. I want them to drape. It is a nice plant nursery because they specialise in indoor plants and [...]

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Emma Donovan and the Putbacks – Stonnington Jazz Festival

By | May 19th, 2018|friends, music, radio|

I think the thing that moved me most about last night's gig in Windsor as part of the Stonnington Jazz Festival was the fact that Emma, the lead singer of Emma Donovan and the Putbacks is such a rare, but fantastic success story. She sang these words during one of her songs: 'Aboriginal woman, here [...]

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Music of the generations – 80s and 90s

By | May 13th, 2018|music, radio|

One thing that really interests me lately, is the different experiences of growing up in different decades, particularly in Australia. Initially, I am framing this through the music that was popular in each decade. It is so interesting to really delve into 80s music, and observe how those songs make me feel. It makes sense [...]

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Maya – Ella’s Music Club

By | May 13th, 2018|friends, music|

There is something about live music that can dissolve any kind of knot of the soul. It soaks into my core and melts like chocolate over my heart. I admit, there was some moments that I wished you were there. My favourite part though, was when each member of Maya’s band did their solo. Talented [...]

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Big, bold, happy songs

By | May 12th, 2018|music|

I wanted something big, and bold and cheerful to send you on your way this Saturday evening. Tonight I am navigating through a system of emotional landmines, it seems. So, I have landed on something before some of us were born. Stevie Wonder - Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing. My brother and I used [...]

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How to avoid a Dystopian future – MKW

By | May 12th, 2018|architecture, design, interesting people, technology|

Melbourne Knowledge Week is the best! Last night we went to a talk at the MKW Hub. It is an amazing space, filled with light art, beautiful ferns and sculptures. The talk was a panel of authors and academics discussing how we can avoid a Dystopian future. I loved the first speaker, Andrew Milner the [...]

exploring the city – bars to explore

By | May 9th, 2018|bars and restaurants, daily life|

There are still quite a few little bars / cafes and restaurants that I am interested in exploring in my neighbourhood. I am thinking of the little alley bar / garden near where I work, and Rise Over Run told me about an amazing bar on the first floor, just near Messina, which has amazing [...]

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battered soul – internal experience

By | May 8th, 2018|journal, music, professional, technology|

It is so nice to pour vodka soda and smooth electronica over my battered, aching soul. My job can be stressful sometimes and when I am firing on adrenaline for sometime, there is a come down from that. It leaves my soul in pieces, aching and tired and scattered all over. It is the sort [...]

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